branding + website design

Hi there! I'm the girl behind the magnolia. 

Magnolia Ink is a branding + web design studio, owned and operated by yours truly. I am Blake, a self-taught, always-learning graphic designer who feels super weird about referring to herself as a graphic designer. Stay at home mom to two little girls is my full time gig, and I spend a lot of time with one or both of them in my lap at my desk and/or working while they're asleep or in school, but love sneaking off to Starbucks to get some extra work done!

The chance to partner with fellow entrepreneurs to create a brand, not just a copy and paste logo - true to who they are and that they are proud to show the world never gets old. In the internet age, authenticity becomes more and more important. Which is why I love getting to be transparent with my clients and walk through this process with them, helping them figure out what's most important to them, and how to showcase that to the world.


If I had a dollar for every time I've heard a fellow entrepreneur say "owning a business is haard", I'd have all the dollars. From conception to execution, the whole process is full of unknowns and lots of Googling (oh, just me?) One thing I've learned from my years in the business-owning business is that letting people come up beside you and help you is only going to be your gain. And that's where Magnolia Ink was born. From a desire to help other small businesses reach their full potential with branding and websites that truly communicates who they are and what they're about. So, you ready?