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Hey friends.

I’m Blake, and this is my crazy crew.





Magnolia Ink was born out of a desire to have the best of both worlds, staying at home raising babies and chasing my dreams, so here we are. The chance to partner with fellow entrepreneurs to create a brand and a web presence - true to who they are and that they are proud to show the world - that never gets old.

In the internet age, authenticity becomes more and more important. Which is why I love getting to be transparent with my clients and walk through this process with them. Whether we're building a brand or a website or both, helping you figure out what's most important to you and how to showcase that to the world, and getting to call that my job, is the best.

If you're interested in getting to know me a little better, I have a podcast!


I’m a big fan of:


TRANSPARENCY: I want you to know what's happening behind the scenes during your entire design period, which is why it's all detailed out right here on my website.

EFFICIENCY: All of my packages have an allotted design time, from four days to two weeks, and I can pinky promise that if you keep up your end, you'll be the owner of a sparkly new brand / website ASAP.

EMPOWERMENT: Honestly, that's the heart behind Magnolia Ink. Empowering other creatives and business owners to chase their dreams, be successful, and feel equipped and capable along the way. 

FRIENDSHIP: If you're looking for someone to just churn out a design and skip all the connecting and getting-to-know you, you're in the wrong studio. I thrive off of getting to truly know my clients and aid them in the process of figuring out what's truly important to them and turning that into a brand / website.