My Biz Toolbox

 A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how I stay relatively organized in my personal life, but I wanted to share some tools that majorly help me run by business. Like, I for sure wouldn't be able to run Magnolia Ink without...most of these. Everything from social media to contracts to to do lists is covered with my personal favorites. Whether you're a photographer or you run a Young Living business or you are full time self-employed, these tools are sure to help streamline your life and your business.

So without further ado: My Biz Toolbox

(I've divided them into sections so you can find what's going to be the most help to you.)

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Cold Coffee Hot Mess

Y'all, I'm so excited to share this new Magnolia Ink Original with you! When I ventured into the blogging world more seriously about a year ago, I was so lucky and thankful to find the girls at Cold Coffee Hot Mess to walk along with. They're everything that the blogging world really needs - honest, real, vulnerable, and straight up hilarious. So when they were ready for a rebrand and a new website, I was seriously honored that they trusted me for the job. Keep scrolling for all the details, and be sure to check our their blog!

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Magnolia Ink's 2017

Hiiiii. I'm officially terrible at blogging for Magnolia Ink. Which is so unfortunate, because I know as well as anyone that blogging for your business is one of the top ways to drive clients to your site. I know. But it's blog number 3 for me, and it's just fallen by the wayside entirely too much (hello - this is the fifth blog I've written in the six months this business has been open.)

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New Brand for Hannah L Fine Art

I wish I was artistic in the medium to canvas sense. I can whip up a logo or a website in no time, but hand me a paint brush, and I'm useless. Luckily my husband has some sweet art skills (bet you didn't know that about him, huh?) Anyway, when I met Hannah and we got to talking business, I was in awe of her insane talent. The girl can snap a iPhone photo of an evening sky and turn it into one of the most beautiful abstract pieces I've literally ever seen. So when she started talking about wanting to expand her business and grow, I was s'excited that she wanted to talk about re-building her brand. 

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Why Website Design Matters

Look, I'm not naive. I know that there's a certain degree of sticker shock for most people when they browse through a designer's site and come upon their pricing for website design. I know that it's really easy to convince yourself that your site's design isn't really that important. But I'm here to tell you, it is. Not just as a designer, but as someone who is frequently a client. Seriously. Can you just trust me for one second that I'm not out to take your money, but that I'm genuinely trying to give you some tips from both sides of things?

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The Client Process {Branding}

Fun fact: I only work with one branding client at a time. In an effort to streamline the client process and make the entire experience more efficient, I've worked out a one week design schedule that gets you ready to hit the ground running in seven days. Sound too good to be true? Mmmk, let me prove it to you. 

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BrandingBlake Guichet
Why Magnolia Ink?

Everything started with wedding planning. The drive to own a business, any kind of entrepreneurial fire was born the first day I took the reigns on someone's wedding day and ran the whole thing top to bottom. It sounds crazy, but I really think God created me with the ability to run events. It's just one of the ways He specifically gifted me.Graphic design came along by accident. My high school offered some coding classes that I took because I was a nerd and loved computers, which turned into online Adobe Illustrator classes my sophomore year in college.

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