New Brand for Hannah L Fine Art

I wish I was artistic in the medium to canvas sense. I can whip up a logo or a website in no time, but hand me a paint brush, and I'm useless. Luckily my husband has some sweet art skills (bet you didn't know that about him, huh?) Anyway, when I met Hannah and we got to talking business, I was in awe of her insane talent. The girl can snap a iPhone photo of an evening sky and turn it into one of the most beautiful abstract pieces I've literally ever seen. So when she started talking about wanting to expand her business and grow, I was s'excited that she wanted to talk about re-building her brand. I am thrilled to add her business to my portfolio, and to reveal her brand! 

Hannah knew she wanted a brand that brought feelings of calm and peace, since that's the heart behind her art as well. We talked about a lot of earth and neutral tones, a farmhouse vibe since her house is the cutest, and some handwritten elements. Her brand board literally made me feel lighter and more calm every time I looked at it (isn't it crazy how images can do that?), and she loved it!

We decided against using the navy elements in the end and sticking to the neutral tones instead. Once we had this nailed down, I pulled together three logo concepts. The first was my instant favorite (and my husband's as well. Somehow he always knows which one the client is going to pick). The second was really similar, with a flowing, peaceful vibe; and I threw a little bit of a curve ball in for the third with a little bit more of a funky, edgy feel just for fun. 

She instantly loved the layout of concept two, but wanted to see some font options. Once we made those changes we quickly knew we had "the one". From there we built her alternate images to be able to use as a watermark on her social media uploads and different collateral items. We built her business cards and some social media images, and her brand was complete! If you haven't noticed yet, I love me a cohesive brand, so seeing it all together in a brand board or blog post is my happy place. I'm so excited to follow along as Hannah L Fine Art grows and takes off (she's already booked wall space in a new local restaurant!) Be sure to follow her Facebook

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