Magnolia Ink's 2017

Hiiiii. I'm officially terrible at blogging for Magnolia Ink. Which is so unfortunate, because I know as well as anyone that blogging for your business is one of the top ways to drive clients to your site. I know. But it's blog number 3 for me, and it's just fallen by the wayside entirely too much (hello - this is the fifth blog I've written in the six months this business has been open.)

But Magnolia Ink has been open almost six months to the day, and what better time to do a bit of a recap than the beginning of a new year! Looking back, I realize I didn't set very many goals for this business when I launched it, and if I had to guess - I'd say that was out of fear. What if everyone thinks I'm a fraud? What if no one ever books me? Am I about to fall completely on my face? (You can read about how Magnolia Ink was born and the road that led there here, it'll help the fear make a little more sense.) But I think those fears are normal. In fact, I know they are, because I consistently talk my clients off the ledge of these fears almost every time one launches a business. And I think fear holds us back from setting goals. The step is hard enough, much less saying I'm going to take this step, AND I'm going to accomplish x, y, & z. But there are a lot of really exciting things in the works for Magnolia Ink for 2018, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

But I did set a few very small and general goals when I launched. The top one being to not just work with female business owners. Don't get me wrong, I love going arm in arm with fellow girl bosses and helping their dreams become reality, but I didn't want to corner myself in. I wanted to work with male entrepreneurs that ranged the spectrum, and boy - did I ever. As of today I have built brands or website for: a hunting show, a woodworker, and a motor solutions business. Talk about variety! But that's one of my favorite things about this job, the fact that the week after I built Trained Assassins site, I was building a site for a local artist whose brand colors are pinks and golds. No week in my calendar is the same, and it's the best. I also set a very conservative revenue goal, and to say I reached it would be underselling. The fact that I was able to bring in a consistent contribution to our income and not leave my house unless it was to escape to Starbucks for a little while is the most ridiculous blessing. Ridiculous.

So let's talk stats really quick. In the six months Magnolia Ink has been open I've built


It's really easy for me to look at those numbers and be underwhelmed, but then I realize that's 16 projects in a six month time span. The first six months of a business, to be exact. Of those five sites, I built four of the brands as well, so that's four top to bottom projects - launching someone's dream into reality. And of that, I am proud. 


I'm obviously not going to share my actual revenue because that's weeeiiiird, but it was fun and informative to dig into the sources of my income last year. I was surprised how many of my clients came from social media - but also not, because hello - it's 2017. Everything happens on Instagram.  But I'm thankful for it, because I spent approximately $0 on marketing in 2017. 

All in all, the last six months of 2017 were good to me. This little baby business did better than I could have ever dreamed up, and continues to grow beyond my expectations. I literally cannot wait to tell y'all what's coming for Magnolia Ink in 2018. I'm sure my husband can't wait either because he's sick of hearing me gush and squeal about it. But it's going to have to wait at least one more week, because I'm a planner with a touch of business related OCD that can't just launch things without them being tweaked to death. Okay, I'll give you a hint. It required me to save up and purchase an iPad. Does that help at all? If it does, you have to comment on social and tell me what you think is coming! 

Okay - if you've made it this far, thanks for reading random facts about my website. It was fun to write, but I'm sure just for me, haha.

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