Why Magnolia Ink?


If you're just interested in what's going on and not the path that got me here, you can skip to the last two paragraphs. I won't judge you.

Everything started with wedding planning. The drive to own a business, any kind of entrepreneurial fire was born the first day I took the reigns on someone's wedding day and ran the whole thing top to bottom. It sounds crazy, but I really think God created me with the ability to run events. It's just one of the ways He specifically gifted me.

Graphic design came along by accident. My high school offered some coding classes that I took because I was a nerd and loved computers, which turned into online Adobe Illustrator classes my sophomore year in college. As I learned, I loved it more and more. I'll never be an artist by hand, it's just not one of my giftings. But creating something on a computer screen out of these ideas I had in my head was just so fulfilling. I tacked it onto the things Guichet Creative offers because I liked doing it, but it was an absolute afterthought.

You see, I'm real insecure about being a "graphic designer". Even calling myself that gives me that weird imposter feeling; and even after a lot of soul searching, I'm still not sure why. But whatever that feeling is has kept me from putting myself out there in this area, even though it's something I'm equally passionate about to weddings. The last few years have been all about overcoming fears and anxiety for me. Lots of counseling, lots of talking, lots of forcing myself to do things that aren't necessarily comfortable. (I know I'm not the only one guilty of living exclusively in their comfort zone, right?) 

Launching this is a humongous step out of my comfort zone. I know, it seems so backwards, considering I already own a business that does this exact thing. But if I'm being honest, branding and website design have been tucked in the back of Guichet Creative gathering dust and zero traction for a long time now. Through conversations with a business consultant, I came to realize running GC as a duo-business wasn't doing me any favors on either front, especially since it had become pretty exclusively wedding-centric. 

I'll always do weddings. I'll always be thankful for where wedding planning has brought me. But with two littles at home and a husband that works the most insane hours, being away from home Friday night and all day Saturday becomes more and more difficult. As I've prayed through this transition from one to two kids across the board, the Lord has shown me how tightly I was death gripping Guichet Creative. I wanted it to stay what it is and continue to be able to work multiple wedding weekends a month and have bridal consults during the week without skipping a beat. And I wanted to be able to do all of this without feeling overextended. As I dug into that, I knew that I wasn't supposed to stop working, stop "side hustling". I felt this nagging what about graphic design? in the back of my mind, but brushed it off because I'm not good enough.

But then one day (this is going to sound nuts), Magnolia Ink's logo just came to me. Literally just the logo. The colors popped in my head and I had to get them out. The name felt so natural because magnolias are one of my favorite things in the entire world, so perfectly southern and beautiful (I even walked down the aisle to my husband to a song titled Magnolia). It seemed so appropriate that these things that I love - the South and graphic design - would fuse together, would give me the space to continue to be creative, but not have to leave my family as much. That they would let me walk beside other creatives and build a brand around their passions, to help them launch it out into the world. So there it is. Magnolia Ink, a branding and web design company, should be live right here in it's entirety by Friday. It may not make sense for me to be what I have named excitedterrified, but when do emotions ever make sense? Cheers!