+ How long will this take?

Website: To ensure that personal, one-on-one experience I've promised, I only take on one website client at a time, and do my best to have a two week turn around. Sometimes we hit snags or clients don't get content to me in time, and it takes a little longer.

Brands: A full brand or logo suite has a two week turnaround from your start date, a simple logo is usually complete within a week.

+ Where will my site be hosted?

Squarespace. I could sing songs and write poems about my love for Squarespace. There are a lot of options for website hosting out there, but in my personal opinion, they all pale in comparison. Actually, I wrote a blog about it.

+ Can you help me write my website?

Actually, yes. I just recently started offering copywriting services. I'm not a professional, I want to be up front about that. But I have a passion for writing (personal note: I'm working on a book!), and love using that passion to help people with their sites. I offer copy writing services for $40/hour.

+ Do I need professional photography?

In my humble opinion, yes. While we can make your site work with stock photography, it's just not the same. Lucky for you, I have relationships with some incredibly talented photographers, and they're willing to give a small discount for Magnolia Ink clients. Contact me for details!

+ What all do I get with my website?

Other than a beautiful, custom, responsive website, you mean? Actually, a lot. Your website package comes with hosting, domain, and a custom domain email address. It also includes SEO, a "coming soon" cover page if you so desire, custom buttons & icons, and a full Squarespace lesson to ensure you're ready to run your new site!

+ Can we add e-commerce?

Yes! Squarespace has a really great and streamlined ecommerce system that makes running your online shop a breeze. We can add this additional feature to your site at a small extra cost.