Frequently Asked


How long will this take?
To ensure that personal, one-on-one experience I've promised, I only take on one website client at a time, and that allows me to offer a two week turn around. Sometimes we hit snags or clients don't get content to me in time, and it takes a little longer.

Same goes for brands.

Where will my site be hosted?
Squarespace. I could sing songs and write poems about my love for Squarespace. There are a lot of options for website hosting out there, but in my personal opinion, they all pale in comparison. Actually, I wrote a blog about it.

Why should I work with Magnolia Ink?
There are a lot of super talented website designers out there, so I'm always humbled when someone decides to come on board with MI. I deeply love what I do, I am continually learning & finding new ways to grow, & I'm kind of fun to work with. How's that for an answer?

Do I need professional photography?
In my humble opinion, yes. While we can make your site work with stock photography, it's just not the same. Lucky for you, I have photographer that I work with for custom photos for local Magnolia Ink clients.

What all do I get with my website?
Other than a beautiful, custom, responsive website, you mean? Actually, a lot. Your website package comes with hosting, domain, and a custom domain email address. It also includes SEO, a "coming soon" cover page if you so desire, custom buttons & icons, and a full Squarespace lesson to ensure you're ready to run your new site!

Can we add e-commerce?
Yes! Squarespace has a really great and streamlined e-commerce system that makes running your online shop a breeze. We can add this additional feature to your site at a small extra cost.

Will my product be copied?
Nope! The outcome of our time together will not only be completely unique, but also will never be reused or recycled for a future client.

I'm super new at this whole "business owner" thing. Is that ok?
Um, YES! You really don't have to bring anything to the table when you start with Magnolia Ink, because as we work through the process, you start to discover what you want your brand &/or site to communicate. So don't let your new-ness intimidate you.

Can you help me write my website?
Actually, yes. I just recently started offering copywriting services. I'm not a professional, I want to be up front about that. But I have a passion for writing (personal note: I'm working on a book!), and love using that passion to help people with their sites. I offer copy writing services for $40/hour.