Alternately titled "how we go from the idea in your head to a tangible, beautiful brand in one week".


Day one is all about inspiration. From the Pinterest board you've
 built and your homework, I'll build a mood board curated specifically
for your brand. I'll send it over and get your approval - ensuring we're
on the same page about the direction we're headed. 

1. Inspiration

This is the day we build out your logo concepts (the foundation of
your brand)! You'll receive three unique, but brand cohesive logos. I
always suggest clients take their time looking at them, let them sit and
come back to them after a little while. You'll send over your edits, pulling
designs from each to create your perfect logo.



Revisions! At this point we're finishing up the editing process and honing
in on your main logo concept. Day three is also spent creating and finalizing
your alternate logo. You'll also choose the collateral items you'd like included
with your brand.

It's file handoff day! You are now the proud owner of a shiny new custom
brand. Everything is uploaded to your home base for you to download,
and we're done! Seven days, and you have a new brand to launch your
company to success.

4. yours



I'll be honest - website building is a little bit more broad than branding, so it's harder to nail down a day-by-day process. But I can break it down into some general guidelines for you:

Week one: Lots of gathering information, lots of communication getting us on the same page. It takes those first 7 days to get your website built out from the ground up. Since you've already given me all the content for your site, I'm ready to roll. 

Week two: This is the fun part - you get access to your site! Poke around, scroll through, and be ready to take notes. We'll have a virtual download session where you can detail out all the things you love and are less wild about your site, and I'll edit until it's exactly the way you've always envisioned.

On day 14 we'll Skype and screen share, and I'll go through my Squarespace for Dummies lesson plan with you, ensuring you're ready to take the reigns and run your site. I promise not to leave you until you're totally confident with the behind the scenes. Then it's time to launch!


Like I told you, 14 days to a beautiful new website!